Top 10 Reasons I Should Teach

29 11 2006

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about my career change. Some inspirations for why teaching feels right for me have been entering my brain recently. Some of them have been:

10. I get National Geographic. And actually read it.
9. I think kids are fun.
8. I actually enjoy a lot of structure in my day.
7. I actually think there is a reason for kids to learn pointless songs like “Yankee Doodle Dandee” (for whatever reason, E. and I were recently reminded of this song, looked it up, and proceeded to debate on the point of kids learning such a ridiculous piece of music)
6. I love good benefits. Teaching would only improve upon the vast amounts of holiday, sick and vacation time I’ve always had in non-profit jobs. (notice I haven’t mention any pay increase…)
4. E. tells me I treat all kids with genuine interest and respect.
3. I admit it – I think learning is fun!
2. I get all excited when I think about doing projects like “pen pals.”
1. I secretly want to turn them all into raging radical activists.




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7 09 2012
100 Reasons Teaching Matters - Instructify

[…] Top 10 Reasons I Should Teach – Blog Fumbling on Track had a post quite some time ago about 10 reasons she (?) should teach. Let her reasons be her reasons, but let yours shine, also. I hope you’ll be able to find some inspiration from this post and realize that despite these other 90 reasons to teach, you’ll be able to give yourself 10 or more unique to you. […]

29 08 2014

Whenever I open firefox, it instantly crashes. I’ve tried opening it in safe mode and still it doesn’t work. I even tried changing my homepage. When my friends give me a link in my msn messenger, it opens up firefox and it works fine, I’m able to browse the internet normally. What do I do? I already uninstalled and reinstalled it..

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