Pint of blood “Last Straw” for Over-Extended 20-Something

6 04 2007

Western MA, USA – Donating blood on a whim with a co-worker yesterday afternoon was the “last straw” for A., who is currently working and going to school full-time, studying for Sate teaching licensure tests, and volunteering at a local school.

The realization hit her as she lay dizzily on the Red Cross cot, a cold, wet towel draped across her forehead to prevent her from almost fainting yet again. As she stared up at the ceiling it occurred to her that his might not have been the best thing to do after the busiest week of the year at work, and just hours before she had to drive to a 4-hour evening class.

The realization that she is not “wonder woman,” fueled in part by her typical “Tauras-bull-like” stubborness, has caused A. to rethink her commitments and how she chooses to spend her time and take care of herself.

But as Friday afternoon of the “week from hell” rolled around, A. received a surprising call from a flower-delivery person, and received a basket of gorgeous flowers and a sweet card from her dear wife. A. decided to take Monday off from work to spend with said wife, and to not give blood again for a very, very long time.

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5 responses

7 04 2007

You’re a braver person that I!

7 04 2007

oops..than* excuse me.

7 04 2007
Paris Parfait

Sounds like “A.” is a bit over-extended and needs a holiday!

8 04 2007

This is my first visit to your blog. Very nice. And yes, I think we have all hit that wall at one time or another. Sometimes that’s what it takes to make us take a good hard look around and say, “ENOUGH!”

Best wishes on the rr-prioritizing.

Mine is posted, too, so stop by when you have time.

8 04 2007

I have made it a point. I donate blood every 6 months. Hoevwe busy I am, I do take out time to do just this.

As we have faced the shortage of blood for my dad, I know how important it is.

Just my thought.

I liked the reporting kind of post.


Papa’s little girl

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