25 10 2007

Much has been done lately in the “to do” list category (and there are indeed multiple lists).  These include:

– Our first meeting with our doula

– Acquiring legal paperwork for our name change (now onto all the other places where we have to change it)

– Getting a crib and changing table from a co-worker

– Setting up an appointment with a lawyer to go over wills and adoption stuff

– Decide on a pediatrician/Dr.

– In the school/career list: asking teachers about my practicum, meeting with a career counselor about my resume

– Begin cleaning out unecessary and excess clothing and furniture before baby arrives to prepare for moving next year

I’m feeling very accomplished lately, but also extremely BUSY.  Somehow I’ve managed to still pleasure-read (as opposed to reading for school), and am enjoying a long-overdue re-read of To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my middle school favorites.  Balance is my mantra.

I’m also EXTREMELY happy that fall has decided to visit again, and I’m hoping this time it’s for good.  The ladies disappeared with the 80-degree heat, thankfully, so we didn’t have to do any extermination, which I wanted to avoid. Onto wearing new sweaters – YAE!




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25 10 2007
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[…] I’ve been going by. Where has the time gone? We’re busy getting things checked off the to do list and I am starting to push myself to become a little more prepared for childbirth (aka read all the […]

27 10 2007

Who did you choose for a pedi?

27 10 2007

We went with our family practice Dr. – they have morning walk-in hours and seem like a good place.

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