Endings and Beginnings

6 01 2008

Friday was my last day of work. Tomorrow I start student teaching, a.k.a. road to completing my degree and jump-starting my new career path. Leaving my job after 3 years was such a strange and surreal thing, and I’m still processing it. Among the many conversations between E. and I about it this weekend, she said, “Well, now it will be SO MUCH EASIER to answer people when they ask what you do!” To which I responded, “well, not really until I get my first teaching job.” E. said, “Well, you are student teaching and a grad student!” Oh ya. People ACTUALLY go to school full-time and that’s just what they do. Not thrown in there in the margins of working full-time. I forgot about that.

Just when I think baby-nesting has commenced in our house, more projects emerge. E. is little-miss-Susie-sewer and is working on creating our own handmade burp cloths (oh, why don’t we just call them puke rags like they really are?) and wipes. I never thought I’d have homemade baby wipes, and if it wasn’t for E.’s patience and determination with a sewing machine I don’t think I would! Co-sleeper is attached to the bed. Bassinett has been brought downstairs to the living room. Today I flipped through the (“alternative families”) baby book and re-arranged and took out unnecessary pages (no need for the “my egg donor” page). The bottom drawer in the kitchen whose handle fell off a long time ago and left hazardous screws sticking out has been fixed. Seriously – this baby NEEDS TO SHOW UP ALREADY so I have some distractions from all this DAMN WORK!!

Anytime, Moon. Anytime…




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8 01 2008

I’m seriously antsy for you! Time is flying by. Your arms will be full in no time.

The grad student with a career is a brave thing. As a student and full time wage slave, I commend you. My DP Angi is starting her MFA this fall and will be the primary caregiver for our babe to be. You totally have her trumped. Student teacher,grad student, and mom to a newborn. Holy cow.

I’d really like to borrow your little-miss-Susie-sewer. People with skills like that blow me away. Kudos to E.


9 01 2008

Looks like moon will be here real soon. Can’t wait to hear the news. Best wishes to all three of you!

10 01 2008

Congrats! Can’t wait to hear the birth story!

13 01 2008

KP is in the same amorphous teaching place–I sense a deep connection between you two right now. But–we are blowing our bugles for you guys–and excited for all your impendings. (Mostly, we play Ellis Paul songs on the bugle for you here.) Hope you have a happy winter hunkering down in your house and holding your love in the loveseat.

P.S. Apparently you are no longer short a man, or a short man, for that matter. Train the new guy to help with cats!

31 12 2009

Great Post…..

I found your site on stumbleupon and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

Thanks for sharing….

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