6 02 2008

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed and busy lately.  More than anything, I’ve been feeling a lot of different things, including:

  • completely overwhelmed at what I need to accomplish during my student teaching
  • exhausted from sleepless nights, coupled with teaching all day
  • a deep sadness at the loss of Emmy Lou – more than I ever thought I’d feel
  • sheer awe and humility at the intelligence, resilience, cleverness, affection, and persistence shown by 4th graders
  • appreciation and excitement that I get this time solely dedicated to learning how to be a teacher
  • profound wonderment that I had such a hard time deciding which Democratic candidate to vote for, and still in utter shock of the loss of feeling like I’m voting for the lesser of two evils (or, my favorite twist: the evil of two lessers), and instead feeling completely satisfied if either of the two front-runners get the nomination
  • a deepended love and appreication for E., who cares for Mr. E. all day and night, crafts diaper liners and homemade wipes, manages so many household importances, and does it all with such grace and without any complaint
  • complete relief and thankful that my mom, who is getting a lump removed from her breast, is ok and without a cancer diagnosis
  • completely in love with Mr. E., who stays on my mind all day, and is the first thing I want to see when I wake up, and when I walk in the door after a long day, and whose skin I’ll never tire of kissing



3 responses

6 02 2008

talk about touchy feely. now i’m all weepy at my desk.

7 02 2008

*So* glad to hear about your mom. Hugs to mr. E!

7 02 2008

What a lot you have going on — the loss of someone close to you (Emmy Lou), the in-between stage with someone else (your mom), the arrival of a whole new person (Mr.E) and a whole new family dynamic and love (all of you). What an amazing and exhausting few weeks for you — but what joy and strength it sounds like you’ve found for each other, yourself and most of all the little adorable one in your life. Glad to hear of your news with your mom. And I’m in awe of E making cloth inserts in the midst of this; a commitment and love for each other, your baby, the world and a sense of time that is truly inspiring. Thanks for the post in the midst of your busyness 🙂

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