Insert foot directly into mouth…

19 06 2008

Scene: E. and I are talking in bed, almost ready to go to sleep. In reflection of an exhausting evening with Mr. E. which resulted in E. and I taking turns eating dinner, I say:

“I wish we could have a nanny.”

E: “What?”

A: “No, I mean, just someone who would take care of Mr. E most of the day…and evening…and night.”

E: “Um, you mean ME, who takes care of Mr. E ALL DAY AND NIGHT??”

A: “Uh…yeah. Oops. Nevermind.”

E: “Well, if you get a nanny, then I get a wet-nurse.”

A: “Deal.”




3 responses

19 06 2008

FYI, you might want to edit Mr. E’s real name out of this one….

20 06 2008

Hahahaha! Brilliant!

20 06 2008
s. k-c.

Oh my gosh. This blog entry totally cracked me up. I can totally see that interaction happening. You guys are great. So where do you find a wet nurse these days? 🙂

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