19 06 2008

Thanks for all the wonderful book suggestions.  To address some of them, I did read “Water for Elephants” and liked it.  I haven’t read any Jodi Picoult but trashy isn’t really my thing, at least not right now (but I can certainly see its place in one’s reading repertoire).  I’m more of a make-me-think-about-big-life-questions-provoked-by-every-day-happenings kinda gal.  I also like funny and quirky (David Sedaris), so the Nick Horny suggestion was right on – I LOVED the High Fidelity movie, and that is one where I think I could actually stand to read the book after loving the movie.

So off I went to the library and came out with two books: Hornby’s “A Long Way Down” (“High Fidelity” was lost) and “Pontoon” by Garrison Keillor.  I’ve been wanting to read one of Keillor’s novels since I discovered I liked A Prairie Home Companion, thus solidifying my inner-80-year-old-man status.  His writing, as well as his talk, is like taking one ball of yarn and unraveling a million of its threads in all different directions, for a long, long time.  It takes some concentration, but it’s well worth it.  It’s exactly what my brain needs to remind me why I love to read, and so I’m starting with that one.

I’ve just finished my first 3 days at my new job – cashier at a very chill locally-owned department store.  I’m happy to say I really like it.  The job is fun (as E. put it: “It’s like playing cashier!”), and the people who work there are very nice.  The customers are in great moods (it’s Cape Cod in the summer) and I just LOVED handing out discounts yesterday for all the Senior Citizens.  I think I can stay a while here until the right teaching gig comes along – which is great because I’ll be eligible for full benefits in the fall.  I’m so happy I made the switch!




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19 06 2008

glad you found something to read and are having fun “playing cashier!” in defense of jodi picoult…i don’t think of her as trashy at all. i get pretty into her books, so i would consider them more of an engaging easy read. and they fit pretty well into your “big life questions provoked by everyday happenings” desires. some of the topics covered are: having a baby to provide an older sibling with bone marrow (my sister’s keeper), school shooting and high school situations that lead to such activity (19 minutes), and issues around abortion, unwed mothers, and teen pregnancy in an amish community (can’t remember the title of this one). Now does that sound trashy to you??? Anyway, just wanted to plug JP again, as I really like her…”trashy” or not!

19 06 2008


Thanks for the plug for JP – I was referring to Lo’s description of her – but from the sound of her books she isn’t the kind of trashy I was thinking of. Now that you mention it, “My Sister’s Keeper” rings a bell, and it sounds good.


19 06 2008

My “trashy” comment was in reference to the speed at which some of her books become lifetime movies. However, that doesn’t mean I dont’ know that the next Lifetime movie based on one of her books comes out on June 28…

20 06 2008
chris parker

ooohhh, lo, i did not know that her books got made into movies! which ones have already been made into movies and which one is coming out june 28th? when i think of trashy, i think of cheesy romance novels. i love when one word has such different meanings for different people. the english language is something else!

8 07 2008

I really like Augusten Burroughs (my favorite was Dry). I have enjoyed Middlesex, Kite Runner, and am about to read A Thousand Splended Suns. I read Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper, and didn’t think it was trashy but a very easy read. I like the Lifetime movie rate of development fact though!

Currently I’m reading, My Name is Asher Lev by Chiam Potok. Very good!

Glad you are unblocked!

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