16 07 2008

So I’m working at the customer service desk yesterday and this man approaches me carrying two irons.  He says his wife bought one the other day and he wants to exchange it for another one.  I look at him and think “You are Harry Con*nick Jr.  HOLY F-ING GOD, YOU ARE HARRY CON*NICK JR.”  And I think no – it can’t be – must be one of those strange celebrity look-alikes.  So he doesn’t have his receipt and I have to scan the item and verify his last name to view the purchase, and sure enough he says “Con*nick.”


So I complete the transaction, exchange his iron, and can barely look at him because he’s THAT BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON.  I think of a million cheesy things to say to him like “I’m a huge fan….I have a bunch of your albums….etc.” but I decide to be all professional and let him exchange his iron in peace.

Turns out it’s well known that he has a summer home in Chatham, two towns over.

This COMPLETELY made my day, and made my job feel WAY more glamorous than it actually is.  It also made me feel rather school-girl-crushing-on-beautiful-men again, which I admit was kinda fun.




4 responses

16 07 2008

whoa? seriously? very, very cool! i woulda been star struck, too, i’m sure!

17 07 2008

Cool! I would totally have said something embarrassing. That classes as a good day at work, non?

19 07 2008
ms dictionary

just so you know, it’s whoa, not woe.
woe: 1 : a condition of deep suffering from misfortune, affliction, or grief 2 : ruinous trouble : calamity, affliction

20 08 2008

WOW, that is so cool! Kinda funny when that happens. Must have been nice for him that you were very professional.
In rock.land the other day and thought for SURE I saw Nicol.as C.age…
kind a fun!

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