Life Observation

19 10 2007

Writing a task down on a “to do” list does not magically get it done, no matter how many times you transfer it, ever-so-neatly, to a new “to do” list and think to yourself “THIS time, it’s for REAL.”


Life Observation

19 09 2007

People tend to smell better when they are at an age where they are required to bathe, as opposed to when they enter college, become an activist, and think for 4 years they can get away with no deodorant and occasional bathing because being “clean” and smelling “good” is just a tool of “the man.”  And then they all end up working with me.

Life Observation

1 07 2007

You will never be able to hide the fact that you are a little tipsy to a person who is completely sober.  Especially if that person is your wife.

Life Observation

23 04 2007

It occurred to me recently, that when I use a sea-salt scrub in the shower, and I happen to have a small scratch from my cat or some other kind of cut, and then feel a sharp pain, that I have just been literally RUBBING SALT IN MY WOUNDS.

Life Observation

17 04 2007

After many years, E. and I have not figured out exactly how much coffee to brew for the two of us, and always end up pouring some out.  I attribute this to the fact that neither one of us is comfortable with certainties.

couldn’t resist…

4 04 2007

Life Observation: Everything is betta with feta.

Life Observation: I feel personally insulted by wi…

22 02 2007

Life Observation:
I feel personally insulted by winter when E. and I go to kiss each other goodbye in the morning, and instead we both feel a big, painful electric shock.