Random Weekend 7

17 03 2007

I have a SNOW DAY today! This weekend happens to be the one with just one class Saturday afternoon, and it’s cancelled! The storm seems completely over to me, but whatever. We did get a whole lot of it.

This means I have NO CLASSES AT ALL this weekend – which feels really weird. Two full days lay before me unscheduled – I hardly know what to do with myself!

How ’bout a Random Weekend 7, then? (as always, copy at will…)

1. Last song I listened to: “Evolve” by Ani.
2. What I’m currently reading: no current book, but discovering some good blogs, such as Fussy.
3. Latest obsession: writing (actual) letters.
4. Last ridiculous thing I did: drive to the local bar in the snowstorm that caused us to get out of work at 2:30 yesterday (thus the trip to the bar…)
5. Most recent life lesson learned: I am the type of person who will drive to the bar in a snowstorm.
6. Looking forward to most this weekend: having no classes!
7. Thought currently occupying most space in my brain: the adoption option.


The Random Weekend 7

18 02 2007

1. What I did Friday night:
Hung out at the local bar and had beer and pizza with friends.
2. Album last listened to:
Garden State soundtrack
3. Something new I recently learned:
If you frequent a local, snooty bar and one time accidentally under-tip the bartender, he will have no qualms about letting you know.
4. Something I know but was recently reminded of:
If you are planning on having children, you will never, EVER feel financially ready.
5. Favorite part of this weekend:
Having a “get-away” stay-over at a friend’s empty house and sitting by the fire with E.
6. Current mood:
Tired and lazy.
7. Current thought taking up the most space in my head:
Whether or not E. is pregnant.

The Random Weekend 7

10 02 2007

I like all the “new-fangled” lists the bloggers are doing these days. I think I’ll make up my own:

The Random Weekend 7
(please copy at will. note to ipod users: for #’s 2 and 3, list latest artist listened to on ipod)

1. Who I last talked to on the phone:
my sister
2. Current cd in my car stereo:
3. Current cd in my home stereo:
Beth Orton
4. Recent books read:
“Anne of Green Gables” and “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life” (current)
5. Last meal I ate:
Ginger Tofu sandwich w/lettuce, tomato, onion, black beans
6. Last place I drove to (other than home):
the gym
7. Current Thought Taking Up the Most Space in My Head:
Must get enough sleep tonight to get through a full day of classes tomorrow